How to Choose a Life of Experience, Adventure and Impact

And why most people don’t.

Alexis Katz
Oct 22, 2015 · 3 min read

A few years ago, I was really concerned about whether my son was making choices in his life that would limit his future.

He didn’t want to help out around the house, he complained and whined a lot, and his creativity and resourcefulness were locked behind the messages fed to him by a screen I am not controlling.

For someone who espouses a message of investing in community, creativity and resourcefulness as the path to true wealth, I felt like I was failing my children. As someone who sees our children as one of the very best investments we can make in the future, I felt like I was failing the world.

So rather than doing what I had planned, I took the morning off and had a talk with my son about money, value and return. (You can read the original post with the whole story here.)

I told my son:

“Most people choose to provide limited value in the world and, in turn, accept limited return on their investment in life.”

“They don’t make very much money. They have limited choices. Not very much responsibility. And their freedom is restricted. Mostly by lack of time (because they have to punch a time clock) and lack of money (because the amount of money you make is directly tied to the amount of value you provide in the world.)”

As I spoke to my son about this, I let him know he has a choice.

“The other path,” I offered, “is a harder path, but it’s far more rewarding. It’s a path of impact, experience and adventure.

…the very best of life is reserved for the few who make the effort, provide the value and say yes to the responsibility.”

The image at the top of this article, is the perfect example. A living representation of my best life.

The only way this experience of me at Burning Man, dancing on stage, in great physical condition at almost 42 while running two businesses and raising kids could happen is if I am actively living a life of freedom that comes from making the effort, providing the value and saying yes to the responsibility.

Fifteen years ago, it would have been unimaginable.

Ten days off of work each year to go to a festival in the Desert, or anywhere for that matter? No way.

Time to stay so physically fit that I could rock the stage at Burning Man (at almost 42!).

On stage, at Burning Man, dancing in a show.

And, I wouldn’t have dreamed of posting an image like this of myself because I’d have been too afraid I would lose my job, if I did.

Secretly, I was longing for this kind of freedom.

Today, I have it. And when I look at the common denominator factors among all of those who I know do as well, I see that they show up when other’s would choose to sleep in, they take full responsibility when other’s would defend and they have been repeatedly rewarded as a result.

You can choose this too. Your life of impact, experience and adventure is waiting.

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