Starting Monday morning off right with homeschooling Kaia

Reluctantly Homeschooling My Daughter

Kaia is 16 years old and there simply aren’t any ideal schooling options for her here in Boulder, so I’m taking matters into my own hands.

Kaia started High School at one of the local high schools in 9th grade. She quite quickly fell in with the kids who liked to party (no surprise given that she is the daughter of me and her dad) and things got out of hand fast.

Fortunately, we handled things counter-intuitively, a story I look forward to sharing in the future, and she’s made it through the other side, having fully experimented and discovered that partying isn’t her path.

She also realized that traditional High School is not the best place for her.

So last year she tried online school through a program called Boulder Universal. She hated it. It was the worst of all worlds — all the work she hated to do with none of the social aspect.

This year, after she spent 9 weeks in NYC at a Hip Hop Dance Intensive, living as an adult, we decided to try something new.

We checked out the local Sudbury program, but there wasn’t enough structure for her there, and we figured that for the money we would spend on it (about $1,200 per month), we could homeschool her instead and invest the money into supplies and classes.

So, we’re homeschooling.

I’m busy running two businesses, and writing my next book, so I felt unsure whether I could really make the time and give her the focus and connection she requires, but using the tools I teach in my businesses — time blocking, Asana project management, and many of the online courses I’ve personally used, learned from and even created, I decided we would give it a try.

One of the biggest challenges to get beyond has been the question of whether Kaia would learn what she really needs, if I’m homeschooling her.

It seems far easier to just leave this responsibility to the school system, but I also could see that I would be failing her in some way if I did that because she wasn’t really learning anything that would help her have the future life she actually wants through the traditional schooling system.

When I had Kaia do her first assignment of making a list of the things she wants to learn, and it included photography, modeling, DJ’ing, singing, dance, travel, makeup, and saving money, I saw that I would be giving her a huge gift by homeschooling her, if I could get over my own fears.

Through homeschooling I could support her to use this time of her life to try lots of things she’s interested in and discover what she actually loves to do, so she can use the next phase of her life to dive deep into the 1–3 things she really wants to focus her life on.

Once Kaia created her list of the things she wanted to learn, we converted each of these items into specific outcome-based objectives, and created projects for each of the objectives in the Asana Project Management system. We decided to use the upgraded Asana system so we could create dashboards, and use their new tracking system, which we are still figuring out.

Here’s a glimpse into her in progress dashboard:

In addition to Kaia’s list, I added that she would go through the SHIFT Financial Training course that’s about to be released by my financial management team this October.

She’s been through the first module and now understands why it’s important to separate business and personal financials and the basics of how to set up financial tracking. Next, I will have her watch my training on How and Why to Incorporate Your Business.

Finally, she’ll read an assigned book each month, and write up summaries of the book each week. The first book she is reading is Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

So far, through this experience, I am seeing that with the right guidance and connection Kaia is ready to step into learning the tools of adulthood rather than simply being warehoused in a traditional High School program. I’m using all the tools I teach and have learned to do it and will continue to keep you posted here as we grow together through this process.

If you would love to learn some of the tools for creating your own life and income awake, aware and on your terms — including tools that I am using to Homeschool Kaia, start with the Money Map Life and Income Planning Series here:
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