Tips for a TOYBOX 3D Printer Newbie

Alexis Priddy
3 min readApr 18, 2024

Over the holidays, we got a ToyBox 3D printer from the grandparents, and I am pretty sure I have enjoyed it even more than the kids. However, there are a few things I didn’t pick up on initially and felt dumb once I realized them. Maybe I am the only one, but it might help someone.


  • The print bed can manually be moved up and down. I was afraid I would break it if I forced it. I found the best way to push it down is to take two fingers like a peace sign and push down towards the middle. If you push on the side, it usually won’t move.
  • Moving the bed down is also key to adjusting it after calibrate. Before I realized that, I was trying to squeeze my fingers in there.
  • Side note on the hex tools, print this cool bracket so you don’t lose them. However, you have to slam that sucker on there to fit, but yes, it is the right size.

Get Help

Join the Facebook Group Toybox 3d printing community. It really helps to see others having the same issues and really pretty helpful. There are also some ToyBox employees on there that chime in and help with customer service stuff.

Removing Printed Items

  • You can remove the print bed and bend it to get printed items off. Initially I was scraping out items with a gift card or my fingernail. It seemed like a scene from a movie when a friend pulled the magnetic bed out, bent it, and the item came right off.
  • Put painters tape across the print bed. Some people on Facebook lecture that you shouldn’t do this, but dude, it makes it easier so I am running with it.

Spool Direction

I always have it go on counter-clockwise which is left to right when looking at it. Not sure if that is the official way, but works well for me

Color Change

After you feed it in there, push down a bit. This doesn’t really hurt it and helps get the old out. I generally hit the INSERT button several times to get the color completely changed over.


You can print stuff from your computer instead of the app if on the same wifi network. I find this way easier than the app because I can see the time remaining in the corner. It is also easier to get to things like the Calibrate Toybox. Just login to


I suggest putting the printer where you can see/hear it while running. I work from home and have it on the corner of my desk so I can hear problems while they are still fixable.

The TOYBox is the best starter 3D printer out there.



Alexis Priddy

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