Choosing Friends.

Being a teenager is rough. So many things to learn and do. You have to make so many important choices that could help or ruin your future. It just happens to be so that friends are a huge choice in life. Yikes I know right. Pretty scary especially if you’re an introvert. You lovely people who are extroverts are very lucky!
Let’s just say….If you have bad friends that are doing drugs and inappropriate things. There’s a huge chance it will ruin your future and reputation. I know. Trust me I know that your parents have probably told you that a million times before. However, sadly it’s the truth. To be honest, I wouldn’t want to hire anyone who has friends like that. For one reason because there’s a good chance that if they’re friends with people like that. They do it to. So why would someone else want to hire you? Exactly no one would. Friends that do bad things will only get you in trouble. So you should choose your friends wisely. Trust me on this one; you don’t want to get into that kind of mess. Choose good friends that aren’t in drama or doing drugs because it will only ruin your life.

Speaking from experience picking friends is hard. I know it was terrifying for me. I failed a lot; I made so many wrong friends. However, I did fix it after a lot of wrong choices. I ended all the bad friendships and found good people. That helped me be a better me. Just saying, chances are if you hang out with bad people. All the good people will stay away from you. I made one bad friend, and all my good friends started leaving. They didn’t want to hang out with me. So I ended my bad friendship and all my good friends came back. It makes a big difference that your friends are. So choose wisely. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Ending that bad friendship, not only helped me become a better person. But have a better life with good people in it.

Don’t get me wrong I still fail sometimes, but I’ve learned so much along the way. So I thought why not share my experiences. Maybe it will be helpful to someone. I’ll do another post about tips and pointers about how to find good friends, and stay away from bad friends. I will also tell one of my personal stories about one of my experience of making a good friend vs bad friend. Hopefully it will help you guys out.

-That’s all I have for today guys. Hope you liked it! :)