Bradfield College Justice

To err is human to forgive is divine.

It’s what you do not what you say, otherwise just a line.

We have a set of rules to guide us on our way.

We had a set of values that seems to gone astray.

Bradfield College justice, falling lower than the bar.

Those entrapped satellites now, venture journey far.

Expectation, education, guidance for the truth.

It’s so clear what happened here, despite our tender youth.

Boys will be boys and girls be girls, growing up we must.

But when we see such poor decree it kills off all our trust.

Never to be forgotten, a lesson always to be told.

When power blinds those in charge, the poor esteem they’ll hold.

Corporation before Education, no way to run a school.

Leader without conscience now only looks the fool.

Outwardly forgiving, leading with cloaked grace.

Hypocrisy, no democracy, brings ancient reputation to disgrace.

Fear for career making judgement so blind.

Inconvenient nuisance, no time be kind.

Fear for career driving reason to hide.

Time will tell, if there’s a hell, a special place inside.

Greed and ambition both the killers of compassion.

To act this way in the world today shows how out of fashion.

It’s our despair with no repair, the damage that’s been done.

The journey here it’s all too clear, a race not fit to run.

So steal yourselves and soldier on with kind and youthful minds.

For war has shown the cost to own when donkeys lead the lions.

So steal yourselves and don’t allow a creeping fear of expulsion.

Thank you sir, a lesson learnt a lesson of revulsion.

Time will tell as boys to men, will come again one day.

Time will tell as boys to men, decide the price to pay.

College justice out of touch with change of pace so slow.

Hands red, those parts to play, forever Head Hung low.

Injustice and ignorance, throughout the world today.

But learned men have no excuse become the hole in the A.

To err is human to forgive is divine.

It’s what you do not what you say, otherwise just a line.

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