Artsicle, Exit Stage Left

Alexis Tryon
3 min readJun 30, 2017


Today, we officially say goodbye to Artsicle. Nearly 7 years after writing the first business plan, we are exiting stage left.

Exit Stage Left: To exit or disappear in a quiet, non-dramatic fashion, making way for more interesting events.

This isn’t what I dreamed of. I, like so many entrepreneurs before and after me, dreamed of exiting stage right, with a headline and a bang. But, as they say, it wasn’t in the cards.

But so so many other wonderful experiences, and incredible people, were in the cards. Today, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who supported us along the way.

Thank you to our first customer, Peter Flint, and our last, Jeffrey Sullivan. And to the 600+ of you from 40 states who joined us in supporting today’s working artists. May your lives always be filled with art.

Thank you to the handful of brave artists who agreed to work with us at the very beginning, when we were two clueless kids with a big idea: Alexander Motyl, Allen Furbeck, Karen Rosenkrantz, Ejay Weiss, Vincent Pomilio. And to the over 6500 artists in 104 countries who followed in their footsteps. We’ll be rooting for you and can’t wait to see what you create next.

Thank you to the crazy people who called Artsicle home for a while: Shipper, Tim, Kika, Dan, Cassie, Jon, Peleg, Kevin, Pat. Artsicle would have been nothing without you. You’ll always be family.

Thank you to all of our investors, who provided the early oxygen to this fire, and especially to those who answered countless late night emails and texts: Idan Cohen, Anton Levy, Dave McClure. I hope I have the honor of working with you again.

To everyone else who supported us on this grand adventure, thank you. This may be the end of the road for Artsicle, but there are many more adventures ahead.

Onward and upward,
Alex & The Artsicle Crew

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