Love Trumps Hate

That I lean left will surprise no one who knows me. I started a “Texans for Peace” organization in high school, marched in gay pride rallies and argued to end the death penalty. But for the last few elections I’ve stayed quietly to the sidelines. Sure, I did a bit of Get Out the Vote work in Philly, attended rallies for both Republicans (yeah McCain!) and Democrats, and always showed up to vote. But the timing never felt right to dive in and give it my all. I could list a ton of excuses — I was young, broke, and focusing on my career. I was afraid of responses from family back in Texas or from the increasingly angry place that is the Internet. It just wasn’t my time.

Today, I’m stepping off the sideline and publicly saying “I’m with Her”. We have 99 days until the election and I’ll be spending them doing everything I can to make sure Hillary Clinton is my next president. Our next president.

Why her? Why now?

I’ll explain with a story. This summer I had the incredible privilege to travel through Southeast Asia. I loved the cultures we experienced, the history seen, and the people met along the way. At one stop in Thailand, I spent some time speaking with a local monk. Near the end of our conversation he asked me “What does it feel like to live in the most powerful country in the world?” The question stunned me for a moment before I realized the answer. It doesn’t feel like anything. It just is. We take it all for granted. Our freedom of speech, our reliable infrastructure, our access to free education and quality health care. Yes, we have problems and we have plenty of opportunities to be better. But America isn’t in need of fixing. It is a great — no, it’s an incredible place to live today and I’m proud to be a citizen.

As I came home, reminded of our privilege and of the countries around the world who look to us as a role model, I knew it was time for me to stand up.

I am honored to be the daughter of a working mother, granddaughter of a Hispanic immigrant. Women like them helped us make America the country it is today. We are a country defined and made better by our diversity, our resilience, and our compassion for one another.

We are also living in an era when a lot of hate fills our airwaves and fear invades our home — but I believe you can fight hate with love, intolerance with greater acceptance. I believe America is great and getting better every day. Hillary believes this too, with the experience, attention to detail, and level-headed calm we need to lead us forward.

We can dream of a perfect president in a perfect West Wing-themed White House, but this November the American people will choose our new president and there are not perfect choices. There are two — Trump or Clinton. For me the choice is clear. I’ll be voting for love.