When I was in 1st grade, I came home excited to share a story about a girl in my classroom. I described the girl in detail — her shirt, her glasses, what her laugh sounds like. My parents weren’t sure which girl I meant. I never mentioned she was Black — the only Black kid in my class. Did I not notice? Or did I know I wasn’t supposed to notice?

I wonder now what else I “didn’t see”. For one, I didn’t see many Black people. I grew up in a highly segregated part of Texas. The only Black person I really knew was my childhood nanny, who I loved like another mother. I hear the privilege and problems in that sentence now, but growing up it didn’t cross my mind. …

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Today, we officially say goodbye to Artsicle. Nearly 7 years after writing the first business plan, we are exiting stage left.

This isn’t what I dreamed of. I, like so many entrepreneurs before and after me, dreamed of exiting stage right, with a headline and a bang. But, as they say, it wasn’t in the cards.

But so so many other wonderful experiences, and incredible people, were in the cards. …

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Last weekend, I went to Paris. Just saying that feels exotic and a bit irresponsible. I wasn’t there for work. It wasn’t a big, planned vacation or a special occasion. It was spontaneous, and disorganized, and amazing.

Last weekend we embraced a season of life. In this season, I’m healthy. My family is healthy. My partner and I are both employed, with jobs that allow us to take a few days off for an impromptu romantic getaway. We don’t yet have kids and have worked hard to gain some financial security. We are living in a season of unusual flexibility.

And yet, I almost didn’t book the trip. …


Alexis Tryon

Doer, Maker & Enthusiastic Eater. Founder at Extra Yarn & Artsicle.

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