Working from home has become a new reality for all of us. It looks like we are in this situation for a longer time than most of us were initially thinking. Video conferencing, Zoom Calls, Skype, Google Meet and Facetime seems to be the new norm.

Can you still remember when we used Skype video chat back in the day? The low video and sound quality made it troublesome to really use it professionally. New tools such as Google Meet and have become very popular during these COVID-19 times.

Making video calls from home

To stay in touch with our team, stakeholders, clients and…

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We can all agree that social media, and Facebook in particular, changed how most of us communicate and share information nowadays. Facebook started in the United States in 2004, and I was able to sign up with my personal profile in 2006 since I was attending university in the Netherlands. That means I have already been sharing info, photos and videos with family, friends, acquaintances and a wider audience for more than 12 years.

WhatsApp and Instagram versus Facebook

Back in the day, we used SMS to text friends about important matters, like if we were late for an appointment. Later, when SMS got cheap…

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Living in a time and age with a plethora of available information at any moment and any time is something great. Today we rely on Google to help us find information. Google’s mission: “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. More frequently, we use voice search to help us; think of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft Cortana. There is so much info created on a daily basis, that we have a strong need to organise and categorise it all, and we operate on a need-to-know basis. …

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We all know our time on earth is limited to a certain amount of days. Work gives us money so we can live a (comfortable) life. Next to that, work also challenges us, gives us experience, allows us to help people, grow intellectually and a lot more. Face it, work takes up an important part of our time, next to sleeping and nurturing ourselves. Then, we also spend time on life goals such as family, friends, parenting, volunteering, exercising, travelling and hobbies.

Life Is About Balancing What Is Important

Competitive as people are, we want to grow in our career and the before-mentioned life goals. Growth in…

Nowadays most of us work on projects or manage them. It doesn’t matter if it is at work or at home. We all have projects such as planning for a new release, press launch, website update, (charity) event, wedding or holiday. Most likely you have multiple projects running concurrently at work and at home. Next, to that you probably have to-do’s such as get flowers for a new colleague, stop at the grocer for fruits, send the press release on time, call that important person and so on.

Get Things Done

Sounds familiar?
It seems we all have busy lives!

A lot of…

Verras je klanten in vier stappen met de B-L-U-E-formule

Het is vandaag 15 januari 2018. Blue Monday.

Blue Monday (deprimaandag) is een naam, gegeven aan een datum voor de zogenaamd meest deprimerende dag van het jaar. De vader van ‘blauwe maandag’ is de Britse psycholoog Cliff Arnall. Hij bedacht in 2005 een, naar zijn zeggen, wetenschappelijk verantwoorde formule waaruit zou blijken dat de maandag van de laatste volle week van januari de dag is waarop de meeste mensen zich treurig, neerslachtig of weemoedig voelen. Dit zou te maken hebben met het feit dat goede voornemens mislukt zijn en de vakanties…

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How to be more productive

About a year ago I wrote an article on how to implement a daily morning routine. I have received a lot of positive and challenging feedback on this. Based on that I have shared more insights and experience on improving productivity and change of behaviour. Time to revisit my own morning routine and share my learnings.

Changing is hard

All in all, changing behaviour is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Why? People like patterns, and doing the same things repeatedly because then you are on auto-pilot. This mode is simple, since we don’t have to think and decide. You have probably…

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You are probably well aware that the primary focus of any company or organisation should be Customer eXperience (CX). Not convinced yet? Read my previous article on CX. Closely connected to CX is User Experience (UX).

Donald Norman defines UX as: “encompassing all aspects of the end-user interaction with the company, its services and its products.”

User Interface vs User Experience

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A few months ago, I shifted in my work to focus on Customer Experience of a personal insurance comparison and transaction platform. This confirmed that with CX, the devil is really in the details and this change made me aware of my own experiences with brands.

Which ride-hailing service I prefer and why…

In Singapore, we have a few ride-hailing services such as Uber & South-East Asian version Grab. They both offer the same service in getting the customer from A to B in a safe and convenient manner. Still why does my wife — and actually myself — prefer Uber over Grab? For starters, the app…

Become focussed or relaxed when you want

Research and experience show that music has a huge impact on your mood, behaviour, mind-set and productivity. Have you ever experienced your mind wandering off when you need to get stuff done? Or, when you are watching TV and you try to be in a relaxed state of mind but you keep reading and answering emails and checking social media. When you try to sleep, you are restless and cannot seem to enjoy your sleep. On the one hand you could say, that is how it is as you probably lead a busy life. On the other hand, not being…

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