When applying to college, my first choice was IU. My best friend and I made up our mind that we were going to get in and start in the upcoming fall semester. Our senior year, we attended a HBCU college and we quickly started to doubt ourselves. Attending an HBCU seemed so appealing because we were going to people who looked like us and we would experience all the fun we saw in Twitter videos. We got accepted into all the HBCU’s we applied for but none of them were offering any money. Our GPA was high enough to eliminate many out-of-state tuition cost, but was not enough to make our college free.

When we applied to Groups we weren’t really thinking about doing it, but then reality hit. Not many colleges were offering scholarships, so I decided to go ahead do Groups. I was actually pretty upset to give up my summer, but it turned out to be one of the best experiences ever. I met many great people and made valuable connections. Groups Scholars Program made my experience coming to IU smooth and welcoming. I was nervous about coming to a PWI, but I have not had the experience I expected having quite yet. I’ve never felt out of place or discriminated against. Because of Groups I was exposed to many black organizations to get involved in and mentors to talk to when I feel the stress of a minority college student. Groups students before also have helped picked classes that would help me in knowing my history and my culture. Many take AAAD classes which I probably wouldn’t have been sure of if it had not been for Groups. Taking these classes like AAAD-A 150 has helped my in becoming aware of my history and being proud of it. It was an overall great experience in this class

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