Reboot: from layoff to new position

The preamplifiers of the National Ignition Facility. (Photo credit — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Thanks for joining me.

I will be documenting what I have done, and plan to do between the day my team’s layoff became active (October 28, 2016), and starting my next software engineering position.

This is what I have done so far:

This page will be updated as I organize my thoughts, and create project goals, so if you would like to be a part of my journey, follow me here on Medium, or on Twitter. I will post quick updates on Medium, and tweet when this page is updated.

Current feeling of availability for employment: Simmering, almost boiling.
Reason: Currently enjoying working on projects in stealth mode. Also interested in project, or gig-based work.

What would sway my feeling of availability for employment:
• maybe: a remote software engineering position.
• definitely: part time or contract oriented work of some sort.

Why am I interested in remote employment?
After my previous two years of experience as a full-time remote software engineer, I am sold on the viability (and frankly, awesomeness) of the arrangement. I have documented my views and experiences in this blog post entitled “Thought balloons floating in a world full of needles.

Would you like to contact me regarding remote employment opportunities?
I have posted my updated resume here
I’ve posted some representative answers to behavioral interview questions here

Current plans on how to use this time prior to jumping into the job search:
• <strike>Write some blog posts documenting some of the learnings that came from over 2 years of experience with my last company.</strike> (see above for links)
• Adapt segments of my open-source work into some npm modules.
• <strike>Work on a personal open source project to add to my github profile.</strike>
• <strike>Let my brain coast in a different gear. It’s been pretty intense owning front end engineering 100% for over two years. Time for a reset!</strike>