Dynamically updated as things progress

The preamplifiers of the National Ignition Facility. (Photo credit — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Thanks for joining me.

I have been documenting what I’ve been up to in the realm of engineering since the day my product team’s layoff became active (October 28, 2016) while I was the first, and remained the only JavaScript front-end hire for Solinea.

What I’ve been up to:

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Current feeling of availability for employment: Currently working for Hack Reactor. See above.

Why am I primarily (if not exclusively) interested in remote employment?
After my previous two years of experience as a full-time remote software engineer, I am sold on the viability (and frankly, awesomeness) of the arrangement. I have documented my views and experiences in this blog post entitled “Thought balloons floating in a world full of needles.

Would you like to contact me regarding remote employment opportunities?
I have posted my updated resume here
I’ve posted some representative answers to behavioral interview questions here