Email Acquisition Case Study for Blog Email List Building

  • Some Statistics to Whet Your Appetite
  • My step by step guide on what you need to set up on your site
  • How to set up several lead magnets
  • How to set up the right infrastructure for email marketing acquisition
  • The right kind of email marketing content
  • How to use an email data feed
  • My Three Week Progress Report

Some Statistics to Whet Your Appetite

My Step by Step Guide on What You Need to Set Up on Your Site

  • Genesis eNew Extended Opt In From Plugin — Looks neat in the sidebar, can be modified easily although it will need some basic coding knowledge, can be optimised with my email marketing automation software provider of choice weber.
  • Mailmunch Opt In Form — If coding is not your bag, you can do a pretty good job with the sidebar opt in form with Mailmunch. However i prefer to use it for the pop over opt in form and the in content opt in forms. It also integrates really easily with nearly all of the major email service providers.
  • Twitter or Facebook Widget — Either/or really, no particular which, so long as it looks good with the rest of your site’s design. While a social plugin will bring you a moderate number of extra sign ups, it’s a cool way of populating your site’s sidebar quickly.
  • Info Boxes Shortcode Widget — For making sections of your content posts standout. This can help draw attention to inbound and outbound linking, or sign up forms.
  • Rating Widget — Starting to build up those post ratings right from the off will not only populate your site but it will also help with your SEO.
  • Logo — Logo design has never really been my thing so if you’re not handy with photoshop, take a look at some logos from around the web to get a feel for what you like and then head over to Fiverr and get a professional designer to put something together.
  • Content — The crown jewel of your site, no matter how good it looks or how well it functions, if the content isn’t of the highest order no one will be engaged enough to come back to your site or recommend it to anyone else. Start working on your content as soon as possible.
  • Free Tutorial Giveway — Every body loves something for free, so try to tap in to what it is that your potential sign ups will really need. We need this lead magnet to be kickass and over the top value. For instance, I first set up a Guitar Lesson blog so my first free giveaway was Two Free Half Hour Video Lessons, available when you opt in. For this site the first opt in was Free Affiliate Marketing Tutorials with a clear opt in form in the sidebar and some catchy and thought provoking content explaining why it was beneficial for the user to sign up with their email.
  • eBook Giveaway — Now more freebies, and an ebook is one of the best lead magnets for visitors that enjoy reading your content. It doesn’t have to be your life’s work, something bitesize is preferable, but it has to be something that provides real value to your user experience. Again try to tap in to what your users are missing out on, something that will fill the gap.
  • Another Free Giveaway — Like the ebook, you need something of value that can be put to use instantly by your site’s users. In my case, as much of my blog is concerned with email marketing, I opted to giveaway series of Free Email Autoresponders.

How to Set Up the Right Infrastructure for Email Marketing Acquisition

  • VPS Server plus Interspire — We are going to be sending out a lot of emails, so we need a good, reliable VPS correctly configured by a professional for email sending and then Interspire installed with PMTA and rotating IPs. There’s a lot of talk about what to do here, but this is my sending set up of choice because it can be fully automated and is really user friendly — all you need to do is get it set up and it’s ready to go!
  • Landing Page with Opt In Form — For the leads that we will be acquiring through this email marketing acquisition strategy we will also need a cool landing page with an opt in form. Again here you will need to offer something that is highly beneficial for the potential sign up but doesn’t have to be a free giveaway.
  • Email Autoresponder Series — These are going to be uploaded into your VPS server with Interspire and will be set up to send on automatic. Together with your landing page, your email autoresponders need to be clever and designed for high open rates and click throughs. Luckily I have provided you with a series of autoresponders as my free giveaway — all you need to do is opt in to the yellow form to get your hands on them.
  • Email Marketing Software — aWeber — This will be the software that we actually use for the mailing list. As i mentioned above it is easy to integrate with your site’s plugins and with your first content posts and giveaways you will already be able to organise a follow up series of 4 or 5 emails to send at 5 day intervals for which to start bringing repeat visitors to your site.

How to use an email data feed

  • 1 — to prevent you from repeatedly emailing users who showed an interest at first but are no longer interested and so have stopped opening your campaigns, and
  • 2 — it gives you the opportunity to set up another offer mailer to try and re-activate them before they go fully inactive. This can be a very handy email marketing retention strategy as it can generate a lot of conversions from a churn list if you catch the users with a great re-engagement campaign just before they are lost for good. You can also use this list for reactivation campaigns further down the line when you have extra income ideas.

My Three Week Progress Report




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