Obama/Morsi Remix

I took the White House’s response to a petition calling for a recount of the 2012 election and edited it as if it was from Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

But last year, Egyptians chose to elect President Morsi—together. So now, you have another choice. Will you work with your fellow citizens to help tackle the challenges that we can all agree our country faces?

You don’t have to support President Morsi or his vision for this country. But you have to acknowledge that all Egyptians, even those with whom you disagree, have the right to help to set our nation’s course.

That’s a truth that unites us all as citizens, and it sets up a basic agreement—one that makes us an example for other nations, which justifies our democratic experiment: the understanding that the elections we lose are still legitimate.

We’re a country full of those who hold passionate beliefs. We often fail to see eye to eye, and just as often, the debates those disagreements spark help to lead us forward—to solutions that make Egypt stronger.

[Original here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/response/choice-we-made-together-%E2%80%93-and-another-you-have-now. I did this not to make a politically charged point about Obama or Morsi and certainly not to compare the two, but rather because I find the struggles of a new democracy facsinating juxtaposed with the trials and tribulations of a 237-year-old one.]