Don’t Brexit — Jeffers

I mean, obviously it’s too late to be saying not to Brexit, the results are in and the decision has been made — 48% against and 52% for leaving the European Union. I’ve waited a couple of days to write this though (rather than my usual Friday afternoon posting) to absorb some of the facts and come to terms with the decision.

I whole heartedly voted Remain. The EU has been a source of both financial and personal benefit to myself and to many of the people around me. A lot of people have been spewing racist rhetoric for the last few days. A lot of people have been going off on wildly uneducated rants about who’s fault it is and embarking on a secondary campaign of fear. I didn’t want to do that so instead I’m going to take a look at how the decision effects me and me alone — a quite selfish and self indulgent process, but overall the only thing I should really have an opinion on.


During my last job, working at Tradebox, I built up a good deal of contacts within Cardiff Council, and outside, working on EU funded projects and raising awareness about EU money. These contacts, while all great people, are all now fairly useless in terms of progressing my working life.


Since the year 2000, Wales has seen more than £4bn in inwards investment from the EU. The whole regeneration of Cardiff benefited from EU money and has built it into the place it is today. That’ll all stop now so while we have a Tory central government and a poor excuse for a Welsh government — we can only expect to see Wales fall sharply into decline once more.


Holidaying will now get more expensive; a lot more expensive by the looks of things, thanks to the potential exit from the EU-USA Open Skies agreement. As much as I love the Welsh Gower and the Scottish Outer Hebrides, the thought of paying three times as much for a flight and having to apply for a visa to get anywhere I may like to visit in Europe now fills me with angst.


Music is a fairly integral part of my cultural life, both live music and buying records online. Now if anyone tries to book a European artist to play in the UK — it’s just become instantly more expensive and complicated for them to get over here. Likewise, as soon as I try to import any records from overseas, import tax will be applied in a flash.

The list could go on, but I’m currently supposed to be baby-sitting and not writing up a massive long rant about the EU. Hopefully the country will sort itself out and work out a decent kind of agreement with the EU. It’s going to be a rocky couple of years but with David “pig-fucker” Cameron out the way and people coming round to the idea that Boris is a clown, not a future PM, things will hopefully steady themselves out.

Originally published at on June 26, 2016.