Making it more obvious you have a priority shipping order in WooCommerce

We’d all like to think we offer the best possible service to our customers when running an online store, but when you’re just starting out and trying to do other things at the same time — it can be quite easy to miss important details.

For example when someone has selected priority shipping for their order and you don’t spot it in the backend, you buy standard shipping and their order doesn’t arrive on time. Not naming any names here (ME).

Most of our shipping is done through Royal Mail, and we hook into the integration to flow our orders directly into their Click and Drop system — but our shipping rules are so complicated right now that it doesn’t make sense to automate this process. i.e. If an order is less than 2kg, but greater than £50 cost and they have selected standard shipping it will go out as Tracked 48, but if it’s larger than 2kg and greater than £50 cost it will depend entirely on the contents as to whether it goes out via DHL instead. Then we have to consider whether a box is actually a large letter — it’s a bit too complicated to try and automate right now.

So to try and remedy this problem, I thought it would be better to have a way of clearly seeing in the backend if an order is marked as priority shipping, and the below is the solution I came up with

If you drop this code into your functions.php file (or as I like to do, create a new file in your theme and require that into your functions file — helps keep the functions file slim). Then you will start to see all orders which are marked as processing and have been marked for priority shipping with a preeety ugly and unreadable black background. For me personally this was the best colour that would clearly highlight the row, but just change the #333 value on line 29 of the file if you think a different colour works well for you.

If your priority shipping methods don’t contain the word ‘priority’ and instead are something like ‘1st class’, ‘next day’ or ’24 hour delivery’ then you just need to change the last bit of code on line 15 of that snippet.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone else too, if you have any questions feel free to fire them over to me on twitter here: alex



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