State of the Sub: 2018 So Far

Subterfuge Action in the New Year

I’ve written about this game a couple times already… so here’s a quick little update on new action on the leaderbaord!

Who’s having the best and worst year?

Claps for Girthy for increasing their ELO rating 281 points. 1442 is a respectable rating, considering everyone starts at 1200.

Of these top performers, Tj the king has had to work the hardest with 11 games in just over two months.

It only took 4 games for arun4495 to jump back to mediocrity, but what a jump it was.

Now, onto those who headed the wrong direction in 2018.

Poor, poor Zmoe. Couldn’t catch a break over 7 games and lost 242 points.

SuperUnc9000 had a similar experience, but already started below 1200… I don’t think taking is a good strategy here. There is no draft for next season.

But keep those heads up! A couple of more games and you can be in the top gainers for the next update (you have so much room to climb!)

Keep at it! If you’re interested in seeing your own chart, or a chart with a group of names, let me know with a comment or a message.