FYF highlights and A Beginner’s Guide to Festivals

This past weekend was LA’s hometown festival FUCK YEAH FEST or as they call it now “FYF.” Not only do I get to reconnect with friends, but it’s one of the last awesome weekends of the summer and is an event where Angelinos near and far congregate for two days of great music and fun vibes. As many others have said, this year shaped up to become one of the best booked FYF lineups to date. Also What sets FYF apart from festivals is the laid back atmosphere of the Expo Park attendees, and personally it was a great time for me to reconnect with friends visiting for the weekend at FYF.

First, some pro tips that i have learned in my short experience at music festivals:

  • Travel light ( i.e. fanny pack beats a backpack or carrying tons of stuff in your pockets). Not only will you have more freedom not having to lug around a backpack with tons of crap, but other festival goers will not despise you for hitting them in the face anytime you jump around or dance with your Jansport backpack ( I've been on the unfortunate end of this a few too many times and it definitely sucks).
  • Stay Hydrated, especially if you are like me and want to grab more than a few craft beers( praise the lord for craft beer gardens).
  • Try to meet up with friends earlier in the day at least once. It is sometimes impossible to meet up with friends at festivals later on once the nighttime comes and the festival grounds get busier. Make sure to try to meet up at least during the weekend to show your effort ( and to get that photo op)
  • Take a few snaps or photos, then Put your phone away and enjoy the music. I pay over $200 to attend an event and I’m gonna dance and live in the moment. I will let the professional photographers and videographers at festivals take hundreds of photos( see photo below for awesome professional quality photo courtesy of the awesome photographers this past weekend).
(good luck getting phone service and finding waldo in that. photo credit Grace Miller)

Aside from the presence of living legend Grace Jones,there were a lot of acts I was exited for. Some of my favorite sets included.

The Black Madonna: She knows how to throw it down and although I tried to catch more live sets than dj sets this year,( forgive me for missing half her set for Blood Orange instead )I was not gonna miss her great house vibes. She really brought the energy and if you have not seen her live or her recent amazing documentary done by Resident Advisor check it out here

The Black Madonna ( photo credit FYF)

Bicep. The feelmybicep blog which helped launch their successful dj and now live set gigs has a huge selection of tracks these guys have found. Their set was nothing short of pure and techno and house madness. They were one of the highlights of my Sunday and I hope to see their full live set when they return to southern California sometime in the next year. (Maybe Coachella 2017?)

Vince Staples. This North Side Long Beach native has been blowing up the last few years and just released his new album “Prima Donna” a day before his set at FYF. The hometown crowed came out in full force and was a great start to my festival considering how pretty much everyone was disappointing by the bad logistics of entering the festival Saturday. Getting through the festival entrance was faster Sunday, but I am deeply considering get a VIP pass next time to not have to trek through the madness that is GA lines at FYF

I wish I had the energy to make it to the sets of Moby on Saturday night and the full set of LCD Soundsystem Sunday, but those are some of the losses you have to take when you go to a Festival. You will not have the energy to make it to EVERY SINGLE ARTIST, but that is normal and part of the experience and marathons that festivals are.

With the explosion of festival popularity all across the world I have realized that the experience trumps any single artist, and FYF has created a complete festival experience with great food, drinks, and artists. Hopefully next year will be just as great is not better. Thank you Sean Carlson(FYF founder).

Until next time FUCK YEAH FEST