Why do I Write?

  • Craft Beer
  • Food
  • music
  • arts and culture

As a college student I always felt empowered by learning more about current events. Brushing up on the latest news and topics always interested me. But I felt as if I never had a place to express my voice. I sought to not only hear the experiences others but to create my own and share it with the world. Even though my background is in public health, I felt accomplished and comfortable sharing arts, culture and current events with others. It soon became a passion and I have finally found a “medium” to express myself and be at ease with my writing.

I hope to share with you my blog on music, news and any topic that interests me. I also want to continue sharing my passion for happenings such as food, the world of craft beer and concerts. I think one of the best ways to learn about new happenings and events is through trying things out, experiencing them and thorough the combined word of mouth ( which is why I love yelping) I hope I can at least share a little bit about explore things that I think are cool.
Thank you for taking time to support me.
Alex Guardado

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