A wet chair..

Doesn't mean soggy jeans



The day is almost over and traffic in cape town looks as cumbersome as the grey skies above my head. Typically a rather “emo” mood. Its Friday and i just sat on wet chair. Now i have soggy pants.

It should be sunny I mean its Friday for fucks sake… But nope the sun seems to need a vacation of its own.

I should be pretty bleak . No surfing , no braais and definitely no sunny skies (eeew alliteration. .) But I’m not. Sitting in my soggy jeans is perhaps the most unique thing I’ve done all week. It’s not exactly what I planned for but it’s even better.

Things i never even considered have opened up. Instead of only thinking of sand and sun I can perhaps return to ‘that’ dusty project or start a new one. Maybe write a scribble for bored eyes to read. It’s not what I initally wanted but its what the earth has decided to give me and that’s okay.

Too many times I have tried to make the world become my slave where in fact all it was trying to do is keep me alive. Too many times we try and plan our lives and forget to embrace it.

Enjoy the unpredictability of it all.

Enjoy those soggy jeans.

Who knows winter could have no wet chairs.

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