Passion more important than money?

Would you sacrifice money for your happiness? Would you rather sacrifice your happiness for money? A lot of college students seem to be struggling with this. I know for sure that I’m going through this. I feel like I always got to live to my parents expectations and make good money like they do or have the same goals that they do. Or maybe it’s just me not wanting to disappoint them by not being as “successful” as them…

For me, there was no other option. I absolutely had to go to college to have a good life. The dilemma that I have is that I’m not so sure of what my “passion” is, but that’s what college is for right? College is a great place to expand your own horizons and do things you thought you could never do before, experience new things and discover new passions.

A fear that I have is that once I find that passion is… what if it doesn’t make good money? What shall I do then? I oftentimes find people having jobs that aren’t their true passion, but it’s a job that makes good money and it also interests them. My dad is an example of that for me. He wanted to be a chef but he ended up becoming a software engineer for Boeing. You know what he did? He made his passion into a hobby. He cooks new things on his free time and seems to be very satisfied with his life.

It is possible to chase your dreams while making a career about it at the same time? Anything is possible, but you have to be determined and work hard. Hard work and dedication plays a major role in order to be successful. You also have to be realistic about your goals. You can’t expect everything you want to happen the next day.

When it comes to following your passion… If you have to sacrifice food or your bills to pay in order to pursue it, then I say you shouldn’t do it. You need to satisfy the needs in your life first. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams. You should instead make your passion a hobby first and slowly build up on it. Even the the smallest steps can lead to bigger steps.

What kind of lifestyle do you want to live? If you want all the up to date technology and all the materialistic things, then it’s obvious you would have to go into a career path that requires more work and that would get better pay. If you’re one of the more simple people that don’t care for any materialistic things, then you have more room to follow your passion.

I know for a fact that a lot of people are working at a job somewhere that makes good pay, but makes them miserable. Working at a job everyday that doensn’t make you happy isn’t a way to live in my book. I don’t think any amount of money is comparable to your own happiness in life. College is a place where people can pursue their dreams and goals. College is also a place where people want to get a degree so that they can get a good job… College is what you make of it, but you should always ask yourself, “Would you sacrifice your happiness for money?”