How we can make hyper realistic images using Generative Adversarial Networks

Think about what an average day looks like for you. Unless you spend all day locked in your room watching Netflix or sleeping, chances are you pass by a lot of people when you’re going where you want to go. …

An overview of style transfer and CNNs for content and style representation

You may have heard about the painting that was sold a few months ago for over 400 thousand dollars. It was created by an AI. If you think about that for a sec, it’s crazy!

Deep learning has advanced so much in the past few decades. We’ve gone from having…

Using recurrent neural networks for text generation

I’ve never liked high school English class.

Maybe it’s the fact that assignments are always super subjective. Maybe it’s because the books that we’re forced to read are long and boring. Maybe it’s because Shakespeare is literally written in another language.

Or maybe I’m just bad at writing essays. 😢

Alex Yu

High school student passionate about tech, business, and making cool things.

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