If you’re using AWS Fargate and need to pause your containers so you can gracefully deploy a new version, you could use the StopTask command. However it has a timeout value that you have to worry about before it sends a SIGKILL which might stop a job midway causing unpredictable results.

Rather than worry about this, I looked into a way to gracefully pause the worker but the previous solutions I came across assumed SSH access to the worker was available, which is not an option in Fargate world.

Looking through the Laravel Worker.php sourcecode, I came across an undocumented event called Illuminate\Queue\Events\Looping (available since 5.5). If you’re wondering how it works — it gets fired from the daemonShouldRun() method inside the main worker loop of Illuminate\Queue\Worker.

Some lessons learnt whilst creating and publishing an Ionic based mobile app to the Google Play and Apple iOS App stores.

A couple of my colleagues had built mobile apps with jQuery Mobile and Cordova before but none of us had gone through the full process with Ionic yet. Ionic is a cordova based hybrid mobile framework which bundles up AngularJS as well as a set of mobile friendly GUI components, responsive styles and more. After sifting through the Ionic documentation and running through a few egghead.io videos on AnguarJS I wanted to build something.

I recently had a need to calculate stamp duty on the go and with all the duty regulations publicly available I figured it was an easy problem to try solve (not that it hadn’t been solved by numerous other app developers before). I’ve now built this app and released it for Android and iOS. The source code is all available on github too, so for those AngularJS buff’s out there, feel free to tell me if I’m doing something stupid :). …

I’m a bit late post this, since it was over 6 months ago when we did this hike, but better late than never right? This post contains a video log of our ascent of Toolbrunup Peak in the Stirling Ranges located about 350 km south east of Perth or 120 km north of Albany.

Toolbrunup Peak (1052m) is the second highest peak in the Stirling Ranges after the well known Bluff Knoll (1,099m). The Toolbrunup climb is a bit more technical though, with sections of large granite bolders that you’ll need to get on your hands and knees to get over. …

Alex Bergin

Software Developer in Perth, Western Australia

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