Snapchat Geofilters on 20 Popular Washington D.C. Restaurants

A successful awareness campaign for BauscherHepp.

We’ve now ran more than a handful of successful Snapchat Geofilter campaigns at LocationPop. However, there is one that I was pleasantly surprised by. The campaign that we really enjoyed running recently was for BauscherHepp.

We worked with BauscherHepp to work on increasing brand awareness at meaningful brand building moments. Because BauscherHepp offers high quality and well-design dishes and other kitchenware, we discovered (using Foursquare, Instagram, and other data) the perfect brand building opportunity. The opportunity that we identified waslaunching a Snapchat Geofilter campaign on popular Washington D.C. restaurants.

The 20 restaurants that we put ads on were: Republic, Sushiko, Ripple, Thip Khao, Bad Saint, Izakaya Seki, Jack Rose Dining SaloonTico DCCompass Rose, Bar Pilar, Convivial, The Dabney, The Royal, The Red Hen, Le Diplomate, Estadio, Little Serow, Jaleo, Rasika, and Toki Underground.

We identified these restaurants as being high traffic and also likely to have influential Snapchat users present. Our data and engagement estimation was spot on, because we received a large amount of views that caused BauscherHepp’s target audience to meaningfully engage with their brand. New people became aware of the BauscherHepp brand and can tie in learning about their brand to a memorable life moment.

The Results

The results were great. The most successful restaurant during this weekend-long campaign was Compass Rose. The placement on Compass Rose cost around $40 for the entire weekend, and it was used 145 times and viewed 9,847 times. Each targeted view cost only $0.004 at this location.

Overall, the Geofilter was used 740 times and viewed by 36,970 people. The entire campaign, which lasted from Friday evening to Sunday evening, cost $1,072.48. Having your brand engaged by 36,970 targeted people for only $1,072.48 is quite an amazing value, which is why we consider this such a successful test campaign for BauscherHepp.

If you’re interested in learning more about using Snapchat Geofilters for your business, click here.

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