keep it a first draft before it disappears forever

it might be better to show this to you online

like another stranger friend once did to some other stranger

but you and I both know it doesn’t count for

shit unless it’s face to face.

man to man.

like the arguments we had about whether we were men for

sitting around staring at screens playing some other

man’s game.

look, i get it. escapism and all. fun stuff.

fun to talk about but when we put cause and effect

it’s where the real fun begins.

the outlook of our lives simplified into a logline

the day before we ditch the pitch.

but hey, man to man. the tears shed were mostly from

alcohol abundance, amidst amateur artists

but man were you manly. your head held high as my

body sulked low and another pint help prevent the awkward

phone call telecommunicating bad news to another


it’s the obstructive decision that forced your leave.

it’s the constructive criticism that I’ve foreignly seized.

but man to man talks end like an expiry date you aimed to please.