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“There’s nothing to do in Waterloo.”

I heard it so often that I decided to do something about it. In February of 2016, I started a weekly events newsletter to showcase music, art, theatre and cultural events happening around Kitchener-Waterloo.

Almost five years later, it was time to make a change. Not to the content of the newsletter — but to the platform behind it. Goodbye Mailchimp. Hello Substack.

Mailchimp is great, but it’s built for marketing and e-commerce. Building the newsletter each week was taking around two hours in Mailchimp. …

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Connecting with your customers or prospects in real-time has always been the best way to build strong relationships. But scaling that as your business grows is challenging. The solution for this has been bots-but like everyone, you’ve probably had your fair share of uninspiring bot interactions. It gets even more complicated when you add live agents into the bot mix. Bots are only part of the solution. Today’s businesses need a conversation platform-and that’s why we built Meya.

The Meya CX platform is built by developers for developers. Our Meya Grid lets your developers connect almost any customer channel such as your website, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp to your backend business systems, including your the world’s leading support platform Zendesk. …

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Once the initial shock of the COVID-19 closures wore off, my Instagram feed started filling up with posts from my friends’ pre-COVID travel adventures. Kelowna to Calcutta. Costa Rica to Tokyo. It was a travel #ThrowBackThursday seven days a week.

When we think of the effects of COVID-19 locally, tourism isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. While we’ve been dreaming about getting our passports out and hitting the airport, Waterloo Region Tourism has been hitting the streets. Their mission: to help Waterloo Region attractions and businesses navigate reopening and reconnect with locals.

“For the tourism industry, this has been devastating,” said Minto Schneider, CEO at Waterloo Regional Tourism. “It was bad enough when attractions had to close down. But when bars and restaurants closed, it was almost the nail in the coffin.” …


Alex Kinsella

Freelance content marketer. Curates @gettlwr . Running from my problems with @RunWaterloo . I make skateboards too. He/him.

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