Twitter: Is It Worthwhile for Yoga Teachers?
Dylan Robertson

For most yoga teachers, and certainly studios, I think that Twitter is a complete waste of time (as is Facebook and Instagram). First, for anyone to even see what you’re posting, you need to have followers. Most people don’t have a Twitter account, so if you want to use Twitter to communicate updates about classes or workshops, even the theoretical reach will be super low — the actual reach even lower. (Same story on Facebook, of course, where only about 2% of a pages fans even see any of its posts). For someone like Tino MacGregor, who sells online content and who isn’t shy about putting herself out there on a daily basis in very skimpy outfits, Twitter (and Instagram and Facebook) makes sense. But for a more typical yoga teacher or studio on the ground who wants to attract local clients and communicate with existing students, these social media channels are a waste of time; they contribute nothing towards getting people to class or signing up for workshops or events. Twitter is probably the worst of the three.

This is my honest opinion, but for full disclosure: I’m a co-founder of YogaTrail, which offers communication tools that are specifically designed for yoga professionals…

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