I'm an LAFC fan: Why "Los Angeles Former Chivas" is Not an Insult
Jonathan D. Evans

You have the same coach, the same fanbase, and the same habit of choking when playing the Galaxy.

Lets be honest, the only people who are LAFC fans are people who:

  1. Supported Chivas (the more respectable fans)
  2. Jumped shipped after Galaxy’s poor 2017 season (bandwagon fans)
  3. Refused to support their local team for twenty years for X reason, usually the excuse has something to do with marketing or because MLS wasn’t of high quality (Eurosnobs and plastic fans who typically support teams like Barca)

To cap it all off, your “fans” try to spin it as its because Galaxy doesn’t play in LA. Yet most don’t live in the LA city area, and they’re still willing to support teams like the Lakers (who played in Inglewood for much of their LA history).

There’s no sugar coating it. Like NYCFC, you have a sh*tty and disloyal fanbase who will leave in droves as soon as you have a bad season (kind of like Chivas). Only difference is NYCFC fans don’t assault people.

Also, don’t try to deny that you are a glory-hunting POS. “LAFC won my heart… on the pitch” says all you need to know.