Co-founders of Carbix from left to right: Johann “Quincy” Sammy (CEO), Dr. Vinit V. Dighe (CSO), and Samip Desai (COO)

To meet the challenge of our climate crisis requires humanity to reinvent industries on a global scale. Eliminating emissions as fast as possible is critical, and it has become clear we also need to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere, as well as prevent more from collecting. As we do this a new question emerges, where do we put it? Carbix is working on a solution for long-term carbon storage while simultaneously decarbonizing cement, a notoriously hard to clean up industry. I sat down with Quincy, their CEO, to find out how.

Alex: Enhanced Weathering is a term that more…

Despite the demand from consumers and environmental benefit, organic agriculture accounts for less than 2% of global agricultural land. Reazent is on a mission to change this by providing biologic products to supercharge plant growth and crop yields. Even as a young company, their extensive field trials showing the benefit and consistency of their product, with more planned for late 2020 and early 2021. I caught up with Sumit Verma, their CEO, to learn more about their progress and the state of the industry.

Sumit Verma, co-founder and CEO of Reazent

Alex: What inspired you to start Reazent, and what was the genesis of your idea?


Alex, CEO on the left, and Abhijeet, CSO on the right

Every year humanity wastes a staggering 1.3 billion tons of food, losing nearly $1 trillion in value and releasing massive amounts of methane contributing to climate change. At the same time, development of clean renewable power is a global imperative to decarbonize in the face of climate change. These seemingly disparate issues converge into a huge opportunity thanks to Electro-Active Technologies.

Electro-Active is a young biotech company with breakthrough technology to turn food waste into clean renewable hydrogen. We talked to co-founders Alex Lewis and Abhijeet Borole to learn more.

Food waste and clean power are both global issues to…

Co-Founders: Tammy (CSO on the left) and Michelle (CEO on the right)

Denim, one of everyone’s favorite fashion pieces, has a dirty secret: Indigo. The dye that’s so critical to giving jeans their characteristic blue. However most consumers don’t know the dangerous and environmentally toxic process of dyeing the billion pairs of jeans that are sold yearly.

Tinctorium is creating a new solution using synthetic biology. For the first time ever, the denim industry can make the same jeans that consumers love without the environmental cost. We talked with co-founders Michelle Zhu and Tammy Hsu to learn how.

Denim is seen as a timeless wardrobe staple. How did you have the idea…

Decomer co-founders: Mart (left) and Kelly (right)

Waste from plastics has gained worldwide attention in recent years as scientists find massive accumulation in oceans, microplastics contaminating our food supply, and pollution spreading to distant ecosystems. As a result, countries are rapidly moving to ban plastics, particularly single use, and multinational companies are pouring billions of dollars into R&D to find replacements.

Decomer Technology, out of Estonia’s University of Tartu, has developed a new plant-based material to replace a plastics in a huge range of single-use products. We talked to co-founders Mart Salumae and Kelly Kangur.

Tell us about your background and how you started thinking about a…

We’re excited to announce our eighth class at IndieBio. IndieBio invests in revolutionary technologies for human and planetary health, and each of these companies, though small today, has tremendous potential to become a very significant and disruptive company. We selected them from well over 300 who applied from all over the world. Over the next four months, they’ll be going through a rigorous process to commercialize their scientific and technical insights.

Kishore (left) with Patrick, Oralta’s CTO

Americans spend over 40 billion dollars every year taking care of their oral health, yet conditions like bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay are incredibly common. Oralta is looking to change the paradigm of oral health by going beyond the symptom based treatment of today’s products. They’re doing this by targeting the oral microbiome, restoring balance between communities of good bacteria.

I sat down with Kishore Nannapaneni, Oralta’s CEO, to learn more about how Oralta is changing oral health.

How did you become interested in microbiome science?

My first job was as a plant scientist at DuPont Pioneer when…

David (left) and Heyward Robinson, VP of Corporate Development

As the world’s population continues to balloon, demand for seafood is going with it. Aquaculture is the primary method to meet demand, but relies on feeding billions of small fish to larger fish. A process that is inherently unsustainable and is only getting worse as ocean fish supply dwindles. NovoNutrients is looking to solve this problem with a radically different approach, growing high-quality bacterial protein from waste Carbon Dioxide.

I chatted with David Tze, Co-Founder and CEO of NovoNutrients, about his origins, problems in the aquaculture industry, and how they plan on disrupting the feed market.

How did you first…

Xiyan (center) with co-founders. Grace (left) and Jimmy (right)

In the last two decades oncology has seen a revolution as treatment transitions to targeted genetic drugs. Yet each therapy relies on a specific genetic profile, limiting the number of diseases it can target. Filtricine is taking a unique approach to treating cancer, targeting changes in cancer cell metabolism rather than genetics. Their approach aims to provide a side-effect free approach to treating a broad range of cancers which all share these metabolic weaknesses.

I chatted with Xiyan Li, co-founder and CEO of Filtricine about his origins and the company’s mission to revolutionize oncology.

Can you tell us a bit…

Shadi, with his cousin and CMO, Mo, and team

Cardiac arrest is one of the most time critical conditions that can strike anywhere. For the patient, each minute until the ambulance arrives has a huge impact on survival and future medical complications. Ember Medical is solving this by connecting the millions of high-risk patients with CPR-trained medical professionals in the community. Their app alerts nearby first-responders and 911, allowing anyone with cardiac arrest to get stabilized while the ambulance is still on the way.

We chatted with Mohamed (Shadi) Wahba, Co-Founder and CEO of EMBER about the company’s origins and progress so far.

How did you become interested in…

Alex Kopelyan

Program Director & Partner @ IndieBio. Looking at climate & ocean tech, food systems & nutrition, mental health, & preventive medicine.

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