Let me broadly address the one question I have heard the most today:

“Why are you at a Ted Cruz rally if you support Bernie Sanders?”

I heard this at least two dozen times through out the day, and I just want to give an answer to everyone who may be wondering that didn’t ask me directly. I went to a Ted Cruz rally because I have plans to go to a rally for every single candidate, regardless of political affiliation. I want to hear each candidate out, and learn as much as humanly possible about where they stand on the issues. I want to know the distinct differences of the atmosphere at each rally, and what kind of tone the candidates set at their rallies. I want to know what I am talking about when I talk about each candidate, and not feel unqualified to speak about that candidate because now I have directly heard them speak at a rally. I want to gain empathy for every candidate and understand that these are real people with actual feelings, and that none of these candidates (With the exception of Trump) mean harm by what they believe, they just truly think that their views are what will help out the country. Some of the candidates want to make a change, and I think that Ted Cruz is one of those candidates. Irregardless of me disagreeing with him on many fundamental issues, I can respect him as a human being. He was very personable when everybody was taking photos with him and talking to him. He gave people big hugs and was happy to take photos with everyone. He was easily there for an hour extra doing this. Ted was extremely kind to me, and there were absolutely no security issues at his rally. There were no protestors that didn’t protest peacefully, and everyone was very respectful. Conservatives are not bad people, they just have different values and beliefs, which is okay. I spoke with many Cruz supporters, as well as protestors, and none of them harassed me for being a Bernie supporter. We laughed, talked, and just carried on with our conversations with no disrespect. That is how a rally should be in my opinion. The political spirit of his rally was insane, and I loved being there. Ted Cruz, while definitely not someone I support politically, is extremely smart, and has a reason for every one of his views. He addresses each issue precisely and clearly, and is a great speaker. I can definitively say that Ted Cruz is a good man, and I don’t count on being able to say that about Trump, but I can bet that I will be able to say it about every other candidate.

That’s all, and if you follow my social media on Monday, you’ll see a lot about my experiences at the Trump rally and Kasich rally.

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