Why marketing agencies & freelancers fail to provide you value

Alex Lambropoulos
Jan 25 · 4 min read

If you’ve ever worked with a marketing agency or freelancer before, chances are you’ve experienced one or more of the following from their part:

  • Overpromising and setting initial expectations that proved to be unrealistic
  • Slow moving, sometimes with missed deadlines
  • Generally unaccountable and not transparent on what they do and why they do it
  • Disappearing or being very distant after you sign your contract / buy their services
  • Selling / including services you don’t really need

By the time the contract and project is over, you often realize you’ve overpaid by a sh*it ton, given the end results and value your business received.

It’s not necessarily 100% their fault.

The reason that agencies and freelancers operate this way is because they’re forced to — it’s just the way their business model works.

That’s why, for example, the agency process looks a lot like this:

Credit to Konsus for image

There’s no step-by-step process from briefing on the project, to agreement, to successful project delivery to the client — it’s just a shitstorm.

You can see the inefficiencies this creates, right? Agencies are forced to be this bureaucratic because their whole business model depends on it! The agency sales funnel is “offline” and involves fully manual work with no clear and established processes — sales reps, calls, demo after demo, etc., which forces prices higher, even though it doesn’t actually improve the bottom line: value & results. Basically: there’s no step-by-step process from briefing on the project, to agreement, to successful project delivery to the client — it’s just a shitstorm.

Freelancers similarly suffer from a lack of processes. If you’ve ever worked with one, you know this already–the time you usually have to invest for briefing, back-and-forth revisions, and sorting through deliverables can be profound.

There’s got to be a better way. And there is.

It’s called a productized service.

A productized service simplifies and focuses a business’ operations into a model that is pre-packaged, predictable, and process-focused. This model resembles a typical software product being sold online — hence the term “productized” service.

It saves a ton of time and overhead for the company, which can then transfer over those savings by offering lower prices.

We, among many in the industry, believe it’s the future of services. And it’s already begun — countless startups are already succeeding by offering services based on a productized system.

Now, our team is applying this proven model to the marketing services industry.

GrowthMarketers offers truly on-demand, pre-packaged growth services, each of which outlines a specific set of “features”, giving you transparent expectations on what you’re getting from day 1.

Pre-packaging is exactly why we think we’re the best option when it comes to outsourcing your marketing; because we don’t offer you one all-in-one service that “growth hacks” you to success.

That’s not what a startup needs.

Through our experience working with dozens of startups in the past decade, we think a startup really needs individual services that address a particular pain point in your startup, that are characterized by:

Value. Services that deliver on their promise at an affordable cost.

On-demand. You don’t want to be spending time in back-and-forth communications. You want to give a project briefing outlining a set of goals, get a clear timeline to delivery, and then get the actual deliverables and results.

Speed. You want work to be done in a reasonable amount of time, with clear deadlines so as you can know when and what to expect.

And that’s exactly the service we’ve designed.

GrowthMarketers works with marketers who are strong in a particular field, packaging their strength into an on-demand service that is affordable and of the highest quality when it comes to our client’s bottom line.

This helps clients get maximum value, but it also helps a marketer get more work done in a shorter amount of time, thereby boosting their own business.

This proposition just makes much more sense to us–and has us excited for the future. Because we need to bring back trust and reliability to the outsourced services industry.

Have any interesting stories or thoughts as to the above? Please share! And if you run or work at a startup that needs help when it comes to marketing, or you’re a marketer with a particular set of strengths, let’s get in touch!

GrowthMarketers offers on-demand growth marketing services for startups & SMEs. We’re so confident about our services, we don’t do contracts; plus, we give you the chance to test out each service for 7-days via a free-trial, to get a feel for it. If you’re interested, head to https://growthmarketers.io to learn more.

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