Vast numbers of packages without any kind of quality validation is not very useful.

To be clear. My original response and intent is to say that like it or not… we are stuck with javascript and we will be stuck with for a long long time. I never said that we should use it to build everything. I simply pointed out that there is significant growth in all areas of the language in the past few years which cannot be ignored. I just don’t think coming out waving a “I hate javascript for being such a broken language” is a very good use of one’s time in the year of 2016. Let’s say okay…. I agree with you… What are you going to do about it? Are you going to make Google, Mozilla , Microsoft or Opera switch out the javascript runtime for something else? The fact that we are currently communication with each other using the exact technology you are criticizing speaks for itself.

The Bottom line is… Why cannot we keep an open mind and see how things go? With this much activity there’s bound to be something good coming out of it. This is last time I am going to respond to anything regarding this matter.

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