The Importance of Community in Crypto — Q and A

Featuring Te-Food, TomoChain, Stellite, BitTube and Zero

This is the second part of a two-part article on The Importance of Community in Crypto.

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Below you will find the full transcripts for my interviews with the following people:

Marton Ven -> CMO of TeFood — $TFD

Saber Maram -> CEO & Founder of BitTube — $TUBE

Rick Howe -> Founder & Project Manager (Technical) of Zero — $ZER

Alex Le -> Community Manager of TomoChain — $TOMO

NoreiThe -> Community Manager of Stellite — $XTL

What does community mean to you?


The majority of the Stellite Team are coming from the community itself and thus making the community our primary source of team members, you can understand that the community is really important to us. The community is very kind and understanding which is one of the main reasons I started to help with mining issues in the Stellite Discord channel and eventually joined the Stellite Team.

We really value our community because they provide us publicity/exposure, they help people with their issues when we are not around and provide us with important feedback on the project itself.


For us, community is a building block, a motivation to move forward, it’s the thing Zero relies on. The Team is fully motivated by the community to move forward and keep developing because the community is the most precious building block for us.


The main motivators to implement food traceability are government authorities and consumers. If any of them requires it, companies will take steps to make food supply chains more transparent. Governments often don’t know “how to require” food companies to provide traceability information. And consumers often don’t know that they could put pressure on food companies with their requirements. We think that having a caring community and reminding them that they have the right to know what they eat is an important task.


Since the very beginning, BitTube has relied and requested community feedback. Discussions between core community members primarily happen on our discord server (link). For example, early last year we settled on the BitTube name and TUBE ticker together. We believe that most value comes from utility and we have been transparent about the decisions we’ve made for the project. For us it’s critical to provide quick support via live chat and anyone can reach us directly. Although we can’t please everyone, and we are not trying to, we accept constructive comments. The support team and social manager will forward them to the head of development. Our growth to date is purely organic, for us every single TUBE is vital as every single user is. That’s why establishing a robust community is one of our main goals, as it lays the bedrock of our future success.


The community means a lot to TOMO project and team as well. You are not only investors but also

- Our great supporters as they actively spread the news, and bring people together to advocate and support each other in the fight to overcome threats and FUD.

- Our judges as they keep questioning and giving us valuable feedback regarding the community and product development, which gives us many awesome insights.

- Our friends as we share stories and hopes that we have been holding about life and crypto/blockchain expectation.

- Part of our team as they don’t hesitate to educate new members about TomoChain, help each other to understand our project deeply as well as notice us whenever the unexpected occurs.

We are proud to have such a vibrant and active community beside. We do our best to keep our community growing organically and sustainably by future community engagement activities.

What in your opinion makes a robust Crypto community?


In my opinion what makes a robust community is that people hang around in the social channels even in bad times(price falls, FUD etc) and that they stay calm, decent and constructive. When they even come back to talk about non crypto/XTL related topics, at least for me, is a sign we are doing thing right and people feel welcomed.


Transparency and activity makes for a robust crypto community whilst keeping the community engaged and satisfied. A strong community absolutely impacts the success of the overall project.


We think that on the long term, the goals and culture of the project is important for people. Each project finds the community which resembles the values of the project. There are people who resonate to constant hype, and there are others who value humble work. We think that the strongest statements of a business are the achievements. You can always argue hype, but it’s hard to argue achievements.

And we believe that our business domain — food safety — is something people stand behind with pleasure, because it literally can save lives.

And of course we don’t forget transparency and honesty are also important from the project. We make a lot of efforts to discuss the concerns and questions of our community, not just distribute our news to them.


Apart from the common cliché “here for the tech” and “hodl to the moon” we would love to see crypto enthusiasts comprehend the user-friendliness of BitTube and share it with non-crypto buddies and family. A healthy crypto community should not shill the coin just for speculation. What we observe is the price doesn’t follow technological progress and all the sleepless hours developers put into the project. In BitTube’s case, what we think makes a strong community is members understanding the value of the project, namely why user friendliness, accessibility, distribution, demand, utility etc are all equally important. A strong community would bring new leads and engage with the project. To ensure that we have been publishing weekly update articles where we highlight new deployments and improvements. For 2019 we plan a new strategy with more insights in a different format.


To us, two-way communication is a key factor to build up a robust and positive community. Avoiding questions is not a good path to take. We are aware of that if anyone brings any question to us, it means (at least) he/she cares and we succeed in term of having his/her interest. Now it is our chance to prove that we are well-deserved. Other members and parties also understand and get more involved into the project.

If a question is underestimated, passed or ignored, it may open for unreasonable FUDs to go around and break the trust among parties.

Beside, it is important to organize community engagement activities to encourage ppl to get involved in the project and boost the trust between the project and community.

How do you keep your community satisfied and engaged?


Just keep things real, honest and include them in some decision making. We do not want to create hype by empty promises. I know, not all announcements were in sync with development but we learned from that and adjusted our way accordingly.

We try to keep the community engaged by asking feedback(tests, opinions etc) from them and as a team personally talk/chat/laugh with the community. We are not supporters of giveaways, faucets or whatever to keep people around and because of that we feel that the community is well deserved, they stay because they want to.


We’re constantly keeping the community in the loop. Everything we do, we do with them. We think that transparency is the most important thing, especially in crypto space. There are too many people scared of scams, we’re trying to mitigate that within Zero with outside audit’s & reviews whilst maintaining complete transparency, we feel this is the best way to do so. We’re also activating the community in some decision making and organising a lot of Twitter giveaways, voting etc


We think in case of food safety, honest and clear communication is the most important thing. When people learn what we do, they understand why is it important for the world.


We like our community to have first-hand experience with our apps so they can comment and discuss on our posts about features and developments. Apart from that, in our social media profiles we share relevant topics and aim to build engagement. In our case, this year we are migrating to a new social-style video platform, which will be extremely helpful for us to engage with our own community, without relying on third-party platforms. It will also help bridge the divide between regular users, creators and investors/traders.


Listen to the community and get back to them by actual actions.

Create meaningful value out of the project and distribute it by making progress in the project development as a whole.

Do you believe that having a strong community directly impacts the success of a project?


I surely do, especially when the community believes in you and others offer their help to the team. That support really helps to recharge your energy lost in development. People without any skills in development are eager to learn and eventually manage to create things even though they could enjoy Christmas for example. It boosts morale for sure.


Yes, for us, having a strong community is paramount to the success of the project, especially in cryptocurrency. They’re the most important part of cryptocurrency’s lifespan, the use case, without a use case, a cryptocurrency has no reason to exist, that’s why we strive to increase our trusted community and with that, gain more use cases & more users that pay with/utilise zero.


Of course. The success of a project is adoption, and communities can directly or indirectly help adoption. We have met some of our partners through our community.


Having a strong community definitely has an impact on the success of the project. In that sense, we believe that we are doing well to build this community despite merciless market conditions. Luckily, the BitTube community goes beyond ‘crypto enthusiast’ with many people following us for the utility of the project and this is what set us apart many other projects. This is also what will give strength to the core of the community in the long term: we don’t necessarily aim to build a ‘crypto community’, we aim for mass adoption.


I can’t agree more. A project can’t go further and faster without the receiving feedback from their audiences and users because they don’t know where to improve and develop.

We have witnessed projects with good fundamentals but forgotten their community so that they have been losing their position. The consequence of losing the community is not what we can see in one day but in the long run.

Regarding FUD — what measures and precautions do you take to combat this negative press when it occurs in order to keep the community happy?


In my opinion you can not really fight FUD. Many people wanted us to release unfinished products when the price started to fall, we got contacted by people trying us to half the block reward and also by people who wanted to pump the price. That is not our way and did not let them drive us from our initial path.

For a project to be successful it needs to be based on the quality of the product and not by the ability of the devs to manipulate. The only precaution you can have is honesty and be on point against people spreading FUD.


Regarding FUD, Zero’s idea is to build up a strong reputation over time with the community & outside world through being transparent, positive word of mouth (recommendation), completion/quality of work delivered on time. All this works together to keep the project legit and helps defend from outside FUD.


As we experienced, there are three basic reasons for FUD:

- Lack of knowledge — this is understandable, as there are a lot of people in crypto without business or technology experience. In most cases, we can clarify their concerns.

- Tribality — it’s when believers of a project bash other projects. We wrote our opinion about this here


We believe the answer for this one should be simple. We are transparent with our community, giving as much details and information as we can in order to make sure we are all on the same page. FUD is something that will always exist but so far we managed it well and the community has been very understanding and supportive all the way. We actually enjoy some FUD now and then, as it’s a good exercise for anyone to engage in serious discussions and formulate rebuttals. The key is communication and again, being transparent!


Regarding FUD, we view it this way: FUD often comes from

1. Untrustworthy/out of date sources.

2. Lack of information

3. Misunderstanding/Miscommunication with the team.

4. Person/group of people who try to ruin the project’s reputation on purposes.

When it comes to 1,2 and 3, we are open to discuss and communicate with until the FUD is completely wiped out.

In regard of 4, the team and community will together shut them down and prevent their bad impact from others, depending on case by case.

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