How we control quality at

After 15 years in my career of remote software development, I managed to create a consistent process that delivers successful products.

In this article, I want to highlight how we at Rubydevs manage to write clean code, deploy bugless code, work at a consistent pace and have an excellent, smooth communication with clients.


We start with hiring rising talents and teaching them the best practices of Ruby on Rails. Every developer that are more than one year working in Rubydevs team becomes a tutor for our new hired talents.

Books we read

Online courses and tutorials we take

Guides we use

Pair programming

We pair program on complex tasks, bugs, and new features. Also, it is incredibly valuable because of transferring knowledge. It is not possible to happen that one person is out sick or taking a vacation and nobody knows what to do because there is always somebody who worked with that person. No one person becomes a bottleneck for changes. We believe in collective code ownership.

Code review

Our experts analyze every commit, and every pull request to catch code quality issues, manage code coverage, or even new bugs before we even accept the pull request.

Test-driven development

We write tests. We write a lot of tests. We write feature tests, model tests, controllers tests, view tests, mailer tests, request tests. We track code coverage and setup continuous integration.

QA team

QA is an essential part of our development process. Our QA engineers are always on top of every task acceptance criteria. Acceptance tests guarantee that a customer’s requirements have been met and the system is acceptable.


Every team has a dedicated SCRUM master that is responsibility for the pace and predictability of the team. We do daily meetings as well as weekly retrospectives.

Product managers

Product manager is the person who is responsible for the success of the project. While our developers are located in different parts of the world with different time zones, our product managers are located in California to make sure communication goes smoothly and during our clients daytime.

I believe that following these principles is the key to a successful product.