How to test links and check mobile offers

Did you know? Over 60% of links is broken

“A link test a day, keeps broken offers away”, says the wise mobile affiliate marketer. He is right since if you never track redirects or where goes a link, you are in trouble.

Why so? Because over 60% of links is dead. This problem affects almost every sector of digital marketing world: from affiliate marketing to mobile marketing and adnetworks.

In particular, if you work with mobile offers (CPI, CPC, CPA, etc…), checking them can give you many benefits. First of all, you can cut broken links, avoiding a big loss of traffic and so increasing your revenues.

What happens if one of your biggest publishers runs an offer that is not working? A total disaster. Tons of impressions, clicks and possible installs (aka revenues) blown away in few seconds.

On the other hand, a working link can also help you find new partners to develop business together. How? Take a look to the list below.

Redirects loop:






6. market://details?

As you can see, there are some redirects before the user lands to Play Store. This means that the offer is not direct and that there are some sub-affiliates (e.g. adnetwork2 and adnetwork3) you could contact and work with directly, increasing your margins on the next offers.

Now the question is “How to test a link?”. A newbie could say “Easy, I click on the link from an iPhone (if the offer is meant for iOS devices) or from an Android device and check where goes”.

This would work for a global offer, but in the real world each offer is limited to selected countries. The redirects loop will not lead you to the right destination unless you are checking an offer for the country in which you are working.“In this case I could change my IP using a VPN”. This could be a smarter answer, but…

Wrong again.
Do you know or similar services? They let you spot people using VPN and tracking systems use these databases to protect advertisers from fraud. So if you follow this path, you risk to stop delivering traffic to working links for nothing.

Fortunately, there are different working solutions to the problem on the web. My favourite? It’s called Tracey.

Tracey is a bot that lets you test your links worldwide in few seconds. You just have to send her a link, tell her the platform (Android, iOS) and the destination country: in return, she will let you know if it works and reveal every redirect.

Moreover, it’s free to use and almost unlimited. No login is required since she is a Skype bot. This is a killer feature if you are an account manager, because you can test links directly on Skype and forward the results straight to partners without time wastes.

Tracey is smart so you can send her offers to test as you prefer. For example, you can send her a link this way: android us” and she will understand that you need to test the target link in the United States on Android Platform.

Or you can talk to her more human-like:

“Hey Tracey, please test offer on Android in the United States”. The result will be the same.

What about if you miss something or if she does not understand? No problem, she will ask for missing data. It’s like a friend, available anytime and anywhere in the world.nThe more you talk with her, the more she will help you in future.

If you want to start a conversation with Tracey, you just have to click on add Tracey to your Skype account or to follow this link:

You’ll get lifetime unlimited access, if you do it during the launch period!

Did you give it a try already? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And if you have better alternatives to suggest, feel free to share them :)

Final Thoughts

I hope this story will be useful to digital marketers who are looking for new ideas to increase the revenues of their networks.

Now that you know how to test a link, you have no excuses: do it as often as you can, using the tools that better suit your needs. Performing link tests to check your offers is not just useful, but also interesting for business purposes.

Of course, this is just one of the optimizations you have to consider in your marketing activity: there are many others out there that I will be glad to cover in my next Medium posts.

Last but not least, if you want direct support on this matter just contact me on Twitter, drop me a line via email or write us at myAppFree to discover the best traffic sources.

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