Once upon a time

In November 2014 Snapchat quietly added another company to a growing list of acquisitions, Vergence Labs. Vergence unlike other acquired companies was working on hardware (Epiphany Eyewear), glasses which could subtly record video. The genesis for Spectacles.

The Spectacle

The experience is comparable to opening a first generation product from Apple. There are obvious parallels in the attention to detail that unifies hardware & software, a few rough edges where improvements can be made and those surprises you find as you begin to use the product for the first time.

  • A decent case, better than you expect, the case charges, pretty awesome, it holds multiple charges, ace! It has a beautiful charging indictor, 🚀!
  • Syncing via bluetooth, honestly, its pretty janky, however the glasses can create a wireless access point and export in HD, hot diggity 👯!
  • The glasses look decent, expected, for $129 the glasses feel solid, literally, the arms don’t wobble, they have really comfy little nose pads, and maintain a tight form factor (no bulky-ness). now replacing my go-to’s 🕶!
  • Circular video, yea sounds cool, phone in hand watching the video and rotating the phone? wow it feels good to rotate snaps with the orientation of the phone, I like!! 👌
  • Export, awesome, the circular format of the exported HD video?, doesn’t add value for me, I get the circle for rotation on device but not for exporting 🤔


Spectacles are the beginning of something pretty cool (maybe not quite 😎 yet).

  • No bulky-ness (they are slim)
  • Good pricing

But why?

Wearables present an interesting opportunity for Snap to explore daily behaviour (e.g. increase the 150m daily active users), understand how these devices change behaviour, and extend the Snapchat experience.

Product manager at Atlassian, cyclist and technology enthusiast.