Asking users to “Rate this app!” got a whole lot better as of iOS 10.3, Apple released changes which enable users to rate apps without breaking flow and bouncing out to the AppStore.

Prompt shown after calling requestReview() in Redbubble

How It Works

You can now requestReview() from Apple, who may then display a generic prompt for users to rate & review in app.

Apple’s Guidance

How We Did It

Once upon a time

In November 2014 Snapchat quietly added another company to a growing list of acquisitions, Vergence Labs. Vergence unlike other acquired companies was working on hardware (Epiphany Eyewear), glasses which could subtly record video. The genesis for Spectacles.

Two years later, October 2016 saw Snapchat, under Snap Inc (now a camera company) release Spectacles to the public.

Needing to check name server records for lots of domains across multiple top level domains (TLDs) can be fairly challenging.

Checking a single domain

To find records of a single domain you can easily use online tools like Domain Tools or command line tools like dig (domain information groper!?)

dig ns $domainname

Checking multiple COM, NET, INFO and other new gTLDs

If your needing to check millions of old and new gTLD’s (but not ccTLD’s) theres also an easy option. I recommend reaching out to Verisign who maintain the zone records for many of these top level domains. …

White Hill Open Space, Fairfax

One of the best things I’ve done in San Francisco is Mountain Biking in Marin County. I imagine you could easily organise a similar trip here yourself but if your new in town, bike-less and not sure on the trails do an ace job. For $175 Mark at MountainBikeSF organised a great half day trip across a few different trails packing the session with technical lessons, history and fun times.

Footage from the 3 hr cycle.

All up we were on the pedals for 2.5 hours covering off just under 27km with 730m in elevation. The day incorporated a few climbs early on, some great scenic flats as well as rolling switch backs and descents (the highlight).

How can we capture PDF data users enter? Will all our users be able to open the PDF? what could a ‘PDF’ solution look like ?

One possible solution can be submitting your users PDF form data to a server, this allows you to process the data immediately, email a customer with a confirmation or write data directly to a database. This method is largely supported by all major desktop viewers however is typically unsupported on mobile and web platforms.

What could this look like? Here is an example in Adobe Reader


For this example we will need to…

A photo essay of Melbourne’s past and present.

Temporal Division explores 1950s Melbourne through the lense of photographers like Mark Strizic, John Henry Harvey and Robert Hoddle. With creative direction from Paul Roszak this work endeavours to immerse the viewer in the rich imagery of the past and present Melbourne.

Victorian Railways Centenary 1854–1954… 100 years of service

Alex Lunnon

Product manager at Atlassian, cyclist and technology enthusiast.

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