Alex Malone Blog #3
 “The Secret”

“As a Man Thinks, So He becomes.”

What’s Up World, I first want to say thank you and that it means a lot that you would stop by and invest a few minutes of your time to read this.🙏

The purpose of these blogs is to share my experiences and encourage people that life is truly what you make it and that nothing is impossible. Hopefully you find some nuggets of wisdom you can apply to your life.

Real Conversation

So, a few days again, I had the chance to have a dope conversation with Singer, Songwriter, 3x Tejano Music Award Winner, and overall cool dude, Ricky Valenz. 
Find more about him here👇

It’s always encouraging to see people from my hometown achieve success and realize their dreams, while most people can get jealous or discouraged because someone else is winning, this exact same thing encourages, and reaffirms me that if they can do it, So Can I.

The Interview

We start our conversation talking about how Ricky got into music and what he loves about it, also, he shared the experience of how he opened up for acclaimed artists such as, Lil Wayne, and 50cent to name a few.

Perhaps the most favorite part of our conversation, and where I learned the most is when Ricky started share the “Secret” behind his success.

Most people have heard of the “Law of Attraction”, It simply breaks down to this: Whatever we most think about, we become, because thoughts are things, and they attract whatever we want it to.

However, Ricky displayed his wisdom, when he explained how he took that a step further in his life(You will have to wait for the interview to drop to see what he said.)😃

As we wrapped it up, Ricky shared his appreciation for his family, and fans who have supported him in his journey, and I am beyond excited to see what comes next of his journey.

Watch for the Full Interview Video coming soon!


Oh, by the way, I’m curious, what are your thoughts attracting in your life? Let me know in the comments below.🤔

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