Heels in the closet: the challenges of aging as a drag queen

John Sefakis getting ready for his weekly performance at Barracuda
AIDS diagnoses in New York City until 1997. Source: NYC HIV Epidemiology Program
Ruby Rims “hit a wall” when the HIV test results came back positive in 1992
Sefakis tightening the corset
Sefakis styling his wig before leaving the apartment. The Greek-letters tattoo on his upper back read Stella, his grandmother’s name
Sefakis getting ready backstage with the “gloryhole cardboard”
Stella D’oro performing at Barracuda for the Halloween special session of Star Search



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Álex Maroño Porto

Álex Maroño Porto

Socio-cultural writer studying Journalism at Columbia with a Fulbright Scholarship