How To Stop the ACHA Bill: A Proposal

As the debate over how and whether to “repeal and replace” Obamacare begins in earnest, I share this idea written by a friend, which applies particularly to the planned rollback of the expansion of Medicaid, but applies to many parts of the Republican health care plan, “Trumpcare,” which will clearly take away heath care from millions of people. My friend’s idea is a way to make this snatching away of health care, and thus effectively killing people, visible on a district by district level, where it counts. His words are below. Pass this around, if you think it has merit, and maybe some politicians and other important folk, like you and me, will pick it up.

A Proposal: How to Stop the American Health Care Act of 2017 (AHCA) dead in its tracks.

I think simply raising the threat of what I’m about to propose could change the few votes needed to stop the AHCA from passing in the Senate. If someone with a national audience like Elizabeth Warner or Michael Moore or better yet someone with a large national bi-partisan audience threatened to ensure the following happened, the bill wouldn’t stand a chance.

A Bit of Relevant History

Back in the early 1970s Walter Cronkite was the Anchor of the CBS Evening News. What you need to know or remember is that Cronkite was probably the highest credibility guy in the country and he and CBS News pretty much defined what was reality for most people in the country.

At some point Cronkite and his team began showing some of the costs of the Vietnam war and they did so in a devastatingly effective way. As I remember it, every night during the news broadcast, the number of GIs casualties for the day before, was shown in the corner of the screen, while Cronkite read the news of the day . At the end of the broadcast their names were scrolled on the screen. Viewers were forced to see the life and death consequences of staying in the war, every-single-day.

Lets make the following happen.

If the AHCA passes, the names of every person who dies who otherwise wouldn’t have, and the names of every person of kicked out of a medicaid bed in a nursing home, who otherwise wouldn’t have, should be publicly displayed in every congressional district in the country, with the photo and name of the local Congressperson and Senator who voted for the bill prominently displayed alongside the names of the dead.

Listed in every willing local newspaper.

Read on the floor of the House and Senate, nationally and in each state house.

Posted in every neighborhood whose average income gets them a six figure tax break from the bill.

Willing pastors could read the names of the local dead, during religious services.

Once a week there could be ceremonies where volunteers hold the name of a victim of the bill flanking a stretch of road to guarantee the highest visibility .

Lets remind people every day through out the country of the shameful and deadly consequences of their Representative’s vote.