And so it begins

Just like you said it will be … Mercedes is investing in its own Uber (link). Didn’t we all see this coming? Mercedes, like any other car manufacturer, cannot just stand on the sidelines and wait for the biggest revolution in the auto industry (since Ford built model T) to pass them by.

So what did they do? Well, they built Moovel, an integrated app that allow users to book and pay for public transportation. In the meantime they invested heavily in self driving technology. And electric.

What is the next logical thing to do? Yes, you got it. Another Uber service. But this time theirs. Because they already have the cars, they have the technology, they have everything. Just do it!

So there you have it. Mercedes is building Via in order to launch the ride-sharing service in London by the end of the year with other European cities to follow.


I expect pretty soon other car manufactures to follow. Then the question is, what will Uber do? Your turn…