My first time getting immediately many views on a youtube video.

Ok, calm down. It’s 80 views circa (in 1–2 hours). But for me it’s a cool victory.

I always look forward to look back to these times in 10 years. A time where I get such a kick from all kind of feedback (engagement/views/comments/likes).

Guess that it’s some sort of drug. The whole process. From idea to filming to editing to publishing to feedback. Once it’s over, you want more.

I felt a lot down these last two weeks. I had this struggle that I’ve had most of this year. Videoediting or Musicproduction. And, in the end, I always feel awesome when I take the decision to stick to video editing. I really like the editing process of a video. Literally see how things evolve and how they start to flow.

The whole thing is clearer in my head. It’s visual.

With music I get impatient and anxious because I can’t see clear. I don’t have a certain vision. But it’s difficult. I still love music, but maybe more when it’s combined with something visual.

I’ve discovered such a cool thing lately. That I think mostly in pictures. I think by imagining scenes (mostly funny ones!). I guess that there are many different ways to think. I’m guessing a lot today!

Until next time