Transfera and Vezonik Offer All-in-One Financial Solutions

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As the markets and economies of first world society change and become more difficult to understand, modern financial literacy has become increasingly necessary. Described as the understanding of areas related to money, investing, loans, and personal finances, financial literacy is important to those of every socioeconomic class. And as the general population begins to take responsibility for their finances (in the form of trading and stocks, debt, and retirement accounts), big bank corporations, confusing apps, and television advisors can throw them for a loop. Individuals, companies, and general organizations alike are all forced to navigate complex financial management systems. But, Andreas Vezonik, a young entrepreneur from Austria, has managed to provide a unique solution to this problem.

Enter Transfera (, the all-in-one borderless financial system. As one of the first European regulated entities with the ability to provide cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services, Transfera is making waves in the European market. The company gives it’s customer the ability to receive, send, exchange, and spend by:

Receiving money using their personal IBAN account, sending money abroad using their personal web back office or the Transfera app, exchanging both traditional and digital currency at any time, and spending their money with the Transfera card. And while this genius solution gives modern banking a new look, this wasn’t CEO Andreas Vezonik’s first financial rodeo.

A 23 year old born in Klagenfurt, Austria, Vezonik discovered network marketing at a young age. At just 17 years old, he set to work and fell in love with finance and banking. In only two years, he was able to do almost twenty five million dollars in sales, and built more than twenty five thousand customers in the European market with a financial services company. Soon after, Vezonik decided to capitalize on an opportunity to take his knowledge and implement it as his own boss. April 2018 brought the birth of VolumeX, a fast growing crypto and forex trading and educational platform. Along with two business partners, Nicky Taschew and Muhamed Karasu, Vezonik and VolumeX were able to expand into over thirty five countries, and to thousands of eager customers.

And just one year later, Vezonik founded Transfera, his second global company, and remains as the CEO and Supervisor to this day.

He shared with our writers, “as an individual or for a business, speed is the key to success. With fast payments all over Europe, we allow our customers to send money to their friends in a variety of different countries and allow their businesses to grow and expand quickly. Additionally, Transfera offers services to high risk companies (like those offering cryptocurrency exchange or bet platforms) that might otherwise be struggling to get a bank account.”

Andreas Vezonik and Transfera are on their way to becoming both household names and international assets. As they provide comprehensive solutions to problems in financial literacy and capital navigation, customers and countries will follow. Transfera and Vezonik sit in a category of their own, ready to both take over the economy, and bring clients up with them.

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Alex McCurry is an entrepreneur, consultant, and digital brand-builder.

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