Supporting Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is playing political roulette.

I vote Republican. My beliefs happen to coincide with Conservative principles. Being a republican in 2016 is a rather uneasy feeling though. You want your candidate to win, but in the case of this election the candidate sure does make it hard to support him. Donald Trump was elected to be the Republican Party nominee due to his outsider appearance and persona. He drew big crowds by turning American people away from the insider elites and the Washington establishment. He was fresh. Which in theory all of those attributes sound like something you would want in a candidate running against someone who is so established such as Hillary Clinton. But there’s a problem at hand when it comes to Donald. He doesn’t think before he speaks. Donald Trump's latest controversy comes from sound bites secretly recorded of him talking in a derogatory way about women back in 2005. Not only was it just plain gross and demeaning, but it also takes on a bigger issue that’s been happening behind the scenes of the real Donald Trump, and that’s his inability to just act in a respectful way. Now I also understand that nobody is perfect, and it’s sad that voters think that a perfect candidate exists. I have heard plenty of people, men and women talk in gross terms about one another, but that doesn’t take away from the bigger picture here. Donald Trump seems to be known for his “locker room” talk. And it is really not good for a reputation whether it be in the public life or not. But also don’t let these comments just be a distraction used by Democrats to avoid talking about Hillary Clintons latest controversies either. Wikileaks’s has recently published parts of Hillary Clintons Secret speeches given to Wall Street elites talking about and pandering to big money. And there are many more leaks to come claims the CEO and master mind behind Wikileaks Julian Assange. On top of that controversy comes more emails and more secrets. The FBI has recently reported that the evidence they have about Hillary’s emails may had been tampered with. But I guess the main point I’m getting at here is that wether you support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton you’re playing a risky game. On one hand Hillary has committed criminal activities, and on the other hand Donald has talked in a way that would make no women want to stand near him. From a moral stand point it is hard to imagine either one of them in the highest office in America. I will still vote because I understand that change doesn’t come from sitting back and complaining behind a screen all day. but it won’t be an easy vote. I encourage everyone who is concerned or uneasy with the way things are to get involved in your local communities. The biggest impacts in your life as far as politics go come from local government. Don’t get to caught up in the media that you forget about what’s going on right in front of you. God bless America.