Their True Needs Unmet
Lauren Worsh

I like your article which goes beyond the simple call for ‘justice’ (read revenge) and looks to the healing of the community. The survivor is part of our community and needs radical help to stay a part. Even the most well meaning of people have a hard time comprehending the amount of fallout which poisons a survivor’s life.

Some might say unfortunately, but the abuser is part of our community too. Unless you plan to brand ‘rapist’ across his forehead, give him a bell and force him to cry ‘unclean, unclean,’ when anyone approaches too close.
Compassion here is not fuzzy statements to distance his responsibility for the crime. Compassion is hard and sharp. It names the crime, but it cannot stop there. It must also name the path back to wholeness. Why would any take up responsibility for their crime if it only meant social suicide? So the abuser and the would-be-abusers need radical help as well.

For those who argue against the help of one or the other, think on this. We are all guilty. We are a part of a society which allows this. The only way forward is through radical courage to heal the wounds we carry, so we might begin to know how to heal the wounds of others.

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