Why This Radical Leftist is Disillusioned by Leftist Culture
Bailey Lamon

I wonder as I read your article if the problem is not so much a problem of leftist activism as one of general immaturity. The conceptualization of one’s own thinking as being the one correct way is found in libertarian circles, or philosophical, even in mathematics.

I’m somewhat of an activist, but the people I rub shoulders with more often disagree with me than not. Their language isn’t mine and there is a constant struggle to find a legitimate translation, and to respond honestly. It has taken decades and innumerable scars for me to arrive at a place where I can listen without needing to judge. The process is called maturing, gaining a perspective on the extreme limitations of what I know, and the deep need to hear what you know.

The challenge is to mature people without dousing their passion. Sometimes safe spaces are needed. Especially if you want to have a meaningful and crucial conversation, but everyone’s safe space is going to look different and it needs to be built and rebuilt to accommodate the dialogue. No one set of rules will work. Trigger warnings are an odd thing, in that they may trigger the very thing we work so hard to avoid. Maybe allowing survivors to manage their own safety is the way to go. Of course it means listening to them.

What I hear you describing is the culture which bans peanut butter because one person is allergic. But living in the ban creates a false security, because peanut butter is real, it’s out there and eventually the allergic person is going to need the skills to live with that reality.

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