Cougar Minos X5 Review: How To Better Develop Gaming Skills

Alex Mcil
2 min readJan 8, 2019

Today I decided to kickstart my New Years resolution.

Like always I start late and the longer I wait, the more chance I let the resolution slip.

My resolution… to improve my concentration skills through gaming.
Actually, to be more precise, a mouse, and to be even more precise, the Cougar Minos X5 mouse!

My story started after reading this Cougar Minos X5 review and how the 2000hz polling rating got me thinking about improving my lack of concentration and attention.

Cougar’s Latest Hardware — The Minos X5 gaming mouse.

It sounds counter intuitive as being engrossed in anything technological tends to take us away from our human side.

However, I want to think faster, make decision quicker and more importantly sustain that level for longer periods of time… which I believe will help with my overall quality of life.

After reading the Minos X5 review I wanted to test it out, try it for myself, see how it felt when clicking the button, experience the sensation of the wheel, how it rolled… essentially test out this piece of hardware for myself.

Now, I am not going to over exaggerate, but there was a notable difference in how the mouse responded compared to my current Logitech G Wireless Pro.

The Minos X5 was super hard to get used to at first and is far more uncomfortable to use, however, there is a reason for that… it is because it is designed for speed.

The PMW 3360 Sensor pulling out 2000hz makes it notably quicker.

Note: If using the mouse for everyday word processing, you are not going to notice much of a difference, but MAN, you feel it when you are gaming.

I was able to adapt to a two-finger grip that allowed for faster aiming and rapid fire. This did add stress on my hand and wrist, however, I was able to improve on concentration and mind stamina.

Note: I do not do this at an obsessive level, but I do it enough to train the mind to think better and quicker. In fact, it has helped me be more decisive, as when you have someone running behind you pointing an AK at you ready to fire, you better be quick enough to counter-act.

Ironically, this has helped me be more decisive in real life, which has helped a lot.

My advice… being indecisive is the number one reason for procrastination.

Oh, before I forget, one cool feature is being able to change the colors of your mouse through Cougar’s cool software interface!

Is this the mouse of all mice? No, but it sure helped me!