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You pull up to an intersection after having just missed the green light. It’s a light you’ve driven through many times, so you know you’ve got about a minute before it changes. Without fail, a minute passes and the light changes from red to green, and you continue on your way! On to the next one….

There’s a lot of things in life that are predictable like stoplights. Kettles and coffee machines providing your morning dose of energy, starting your car and putting it into gear, the elevator in your apartment or office building. Alright maybe the car example is debatable depending on how old your car is. But the point is that there are a ton of things around us in our everyday life that always move through known steps or phases, and always take the same actions to get them there. Building and maintaining these systems would also be quite hard if these phases and actions weren’t clear. …

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If you had to ask a relevant technical question to a colleague who you had never spoken to, how comfortable would you feel? What about presenting or discussing information with a group of people? What thoughts and feelings would go through your head? Professional communities and companies with strong knowledge sharing cultures can positively influence these kinds of interactions.

What kind of culture do you currently find yourself in?

This article is broken into two parts and focuses on why knowledge sharing in a technical collective is important, and how to facilitate it. …


Alex Dodge

Web Developer and Educator from the East Coast of Canada.

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