Olympic Gold Guilt
Danny Cerezo

Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to feel guilty of. When you are ni-de-aqui, ni-de-alla, it just happens that you are lucky for being from both places. Even when in each and every time the USA wins Gold, you can (and I certainly do) empathize with the emotion and the pride felt by the athletes, its often recurrence diminishes the emotional value for you, that are not the actual individual winning it. Now, when you are sharing a first-in-history moment, your soul and emotions are connected and shared by many like you, and the athlete, that have the feeling for the first time. Its not the quality of the emotion, it is its intensity. So go ahead, replay it again and again, so you can experience it several times until finally your heart will be satisfied of feeling it. Y felicidades a todos los borinqueños, my heart sings of joy for all of you.