If real estate websites were like conversations

“Hi, my name’s Alex. A friend of mine rates you highly as a realtor. I’m looking to buy a family home in Vancouver for when we relocate there in November.”

“Excelling in customer satisfaction and #1 in sales in my area, I go the extra mile to ensure you get the perfect match for your needs. Continuously a top performer, I achieve client satisfaction through my attention to detail and ability to get the job done in a highly competitive market. You can be sure you’re in capable hands as I cover your every need, time and time again. Click here to see the listings.”

“Okay… well, I have a budget of about $1.2M, and want something within about an hour of the airport. And it needs a good school nearby for the kids.”

“Click here to see the listings.”

“Okay, I get it. Right… I see listings here for North Vancouver, Kitslano, Surrey, … where are these areas exactly, which are the more desirable to live in? The city is quite new to me.”

“In Vancouver.”

“Right, but which are the better areas? And where’s the airport in comparison?”


“Never mind, I guess I’ll research that elsewhere. Okay, this one’s in budget and the house looks beautiful from the main picture. Can you tell me some more about it?”

“3953 Example Road. 4,356 sq ft. 3 bed, 2 bath. $1,100,000. 29 images.”

“Let me look at those pictures… wow, that bay window looks great. Which room am I looking at here?”

“Image 3 of 29.”

“Right, but is it the main dining room, or more of a living room space? And roughly how big is it?”

“Image 3 of 29.”

“And what’s that large nook on the left, is that a shelving area?”

“Image 3 of 29.”

“Okay, never mind. Tell me more about the house overall.”

“This won’t be available for long! Imagine yourself sitting on the deck and admiring the view as you enjoy your morning coffee and look out over the park to the strait. 3bdr 2bth forced air upstairs finished surface large kitchen office new roof 3yrs three bedrooms nicely finished dbl garage access to nearby school and alley w/parking and garden area. A handyman’s dream, basement suite, options, 2 mins to skytrain.”

“That didn’t make a lot of sense, but… oh, a double garage? That sounds useful. Is it at the front of the house?”


“Can I see a picture of it?”


“And what do you think of the house personally? Tell me something I can’t just find on all the other real estate websites.”

“View: yes. Year built: n/a.”

That doesn’t help. Hmm, I can’t make out some of these pictures, they’re quite small on the screen. Can you enlarge this picture somehow?”

“Image 3 of 29.”

“I’m getting frustrated now. I can’t get a sense of the whole house. It may be a possibility though. Can I share these pictures with my wife?”


“And what about similar houses nearby?”

“Click here to see the listings.”

“You may be an excellent realtor, but your website experience is really poor. Not a great first impression, if I’m honest.”

“Call for details.”

“No thanks.”

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