Overcast Days and Why They’re Your Photographer’s Dream

While a bright and sun shine-y day seems like the ideal day for your family photos, the sun can be a blessing and a curse. If I could, I’d schedule every shoot the morning of (once I made sure the overcast was absolutely perfect). Unfortunately, we’re playing a game with an unforgiving opponent: mother nature.

Now I don’t want to get into all the nuances of how lighting works or a deep dive into astronomy so it is much easier just to show you:

The sun makes it hard to find the perfect spot. You have to search for shadows and look away from the sun. The photos will still look great but the sun severely limits your options. For Haley’s session, we were able to stand anywhere we wanted at her location allowing us to get any backdrop and look she wanted.

It also allows the lake to be in the background during afternoon shoots which is impossible (without some squinty eyes) if the sun is out.

From Left to Right: Haley & Jackie

Not convinced yet? Here is another example:

The sun makes it hard to keep your eyes open, but also creates shadows and highlights across various parts of your face. Bright sun lighting creates more editing for me. More editing means a longer time before you see your photos.

During Jackie’s session, we had perfect shadows and overcast all over the beach. She was able to walk up and down the beach and have perfect exposure throughout. You can see the even lighting all across her face making a more flattering photograph.

Long story short, while the sun can make for some bright and fun photos, it can also limit your location possibilities. Hopefully next time you see your photographer praise those cloudy days, you’ll be right there with them!

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